Why Savanna ?

We'll supply you with drivers who have extensive experience in your sector, and who are professional and efficient at all times

Why Savanna?

Here are the 8 Key Reasons why our customers choose Savanna over other driving agencies:

Excellent driver availability

Excellent driver availability, even during peak times

Our drivers are punctual, reliable and experienced

Our drivers are punctual, reliable and experienced, and won’t let you down. Through the My Savanna Family Programme, they are rewarded with bonuses, preferential pay rates and training opportunities for good performance and client satisfaction

Driver > job matching

We will match your job with a driver who has the experience and suitability to fulfil the role to a high level

Face to face interviews and thorough reference checks

We will not introduce you to any driver that has not been comprehensively vetted and identified as suitable/qualified for your role

Industry specialists

Our team are industry specialists who have worked extensively within transport and logistics businesses, and have a thorough understanding of the needs and demands of the industry. They understand the difference between a multi-drop LGV (HGV) and a long-haul job, and appreciate that the same driver would not necessarily suit both roles

We invest in the training and development of our drivers

Through our My Savanna Family Programme, we invest in the training and development of our drivers, encouraging loyalty, professionalism and a motivated workforce from which our customers benefit

Constant review

We constantly review and improve our services based on real client and driver feedback

Efficient administration

Efficient administration, including prompt invoicing, excellent communication and a swift response to queries or concerns

Barry Osguthorpe

Lloyd Fraser

Savanna were recommended to us for our LGV (HGV) driver needs, and since we started working with them, we’ve had none of the usual headaches that accompany agency driver use.  Availability is very good, even during busy peak periods, and all drivers undergo a face to face interview with Savanna to check their suitability and experience for the role.