Benefits of a Driver Recruitment Agency

Many businesses choose to hire HGV drivers directly, using their own internal HR department to source and interview potential employees. However, this can be a time-consuming process and may not necessary find the best candidates for the job. Equally, as a driver the recruitment process can prove to be complicated and stressful, especially if you are between jobs. Whether you are looking for driving roles or are hiring for your logistics business, it may be beneficial to work with an employment agency.

Benefits of Employment Agencies to Find your Next Role

When looking for a new job role, sometimes it is beneficial to have a little help from the experts. As an experienced driver recruitment agency, we can get you back into work and earning quickly. We work with a wide network of businesses, allowing us to pair HGV drivers (including Class 1 Drivers, Class 2 Drivers and 7.5T Drivers) with the most suitable roles, helping to guarantee long term positions that provide stability.

This large network of clients also offers drivers a considerable amount of choice and variation that they may not otherwise have available to them if sourcing jobs themselves. Additionally, it gives some flexibility in terms of the types of work, days worked and working hours, and can dovetail well with family life and offer a work-life balance.

As part of our role as a specialist driver recruitment agency, we provide our drivers with a support network of fellow drivers and industry experts, in addition to the MySavanna Family Programme which rewards long term employees. We also offer tailored training to drivers to ensure they have all of the necessary skills to excel in their new role. For drivers in the MySavanna Family Programme we offer the option of discounted or free training.

Why Use an HGV Driver Recruitment Agency?

Driver recruitment agencies are not only a powerful tool for drivers but also our clients in the transport and logistics industry. Working with Savanna will help save your business time, removing the need to source and interview candidates, and allowing you to focus on running your business.

We have an enormous database of approved drivers, ensuring we provide you with the best possible people for the job. It also ensures that we can fill HGV/LGV positions quickly, reducing the down time for your business so that you can manage ongoing work and maintain your supply chain.  Short-term shortfall in drivers can be quickly and easily managed by using temporary HGV drivers supplied by Savanna, and seasonal peaks in workload can be addressed without the need to recruit directly.

While some assume that using a driver recruitment agency is costly, it often helps with saving money for your business. During periods of high sickness or annual leave, the cost of absent drivers is typically not being able to service customers, leading to lost business and revenue.  Similarly, if you cannot meet your staffing requirements during peak periods, you will struggle to retain clients.  HGV driver recruitment agencies like Savanna give you the flexibility to append to or grow your team as and when your business requires additional resource, without the long-term commitment of permanent or contract-based employment.

Finally, we offer all of our drivers training to ensure that they can work for you effectively. Our drivers are able to hit the ground running, with all of the necessary qualifications to facilitate any element of the role that you require.

Whether you are a driver or a logistics business owner, we will work with both parties to pair haulage companies with their ideal candidates.

If you have any questions regarding hiring drivers or careers in the transport and logistics industry, the Savanna team are here to help. Savanna are a highly experienced driver recruitment specialist for London and the surrounding areas, specialising in Class 1 and 2 driver jobs. To begin the search for your next driving job this summer, contact us on: 0330 335 8367 or email

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