Top Tips For a Healthier Life on The Road

With every vocation there’s always some kind of trade-off. For the professional LGV driver, you’re highly employable, often have flexible working hours and there is extensive scope for travel. However, the trade-off is long hours, time away from home and possibly a lifestyle and diet that is far from ideal.

Life on the road doesn’t have to be detrimental to your health. There are a few tweaks that every driver can make to their day that will improve your energy levels, help you stay focused and increase your chances of enjoying your career.

6 Top Tips for a Healthier Life on the Road

1. Get moving
Just 15 minutes of intense physical activity each day can be enough to increase your metabolism and build muscle. Choose exercises that target a range of muscle groups – push-ups for the upper arms, back and shoulders, lunges for your legs, planks for your abdomen and obliques. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a 10-minute power walk.

2. Make healthier food choices
Even garages and service stations have healthy options for food on the go. You don’t have to go from sausage rolls to salad in 24hrs – just make some consistent adjustments to your diet and you’ll start to see the benefits.

3. Hydrate
Life on the road can be thirsty work, but make sure you’re not consuming excessive calories through your beverages. Fizzy drinks play havoc with insulin and blood sugar levels, and even the diet ones are often packed with unnecessary chemicals. Water hydrates, cools, cleanses and refreshes, all without calories, chemicals or sugar. It also fills you up to reduce snacking.

4. Be prepared
You don’t have to do it every day, but when possible try to prepare healthy meals and snacks you can eat on the move. It’s a great way of using up left overs and saving money.

5. Portion size
Look at your current portion size then gradually reduce it, so you feel satisfied, but not stuffed. You’ll be surprised what can be achieved just by reducing the amount of food you consume at each meal.

6. Rest up
Healthy eating and exercise go a long way towards a healthier lifestyle, but you also need regular, restful sleep, which can be easier said than done in a truck cab. To give yourself the best chance, park up somewhere quiet and secure, prevent light from shining in with curtains, shades or a sleep mask, use earplugs and invest in comfortable pillows. Keeping your cab cool with a small fan can also help.

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