What Is Being Done About LGV Driver Shortages?

Anyone working within the transport industry will be aware of the critical LGV driver shortage the UK is facing.

With more drivers leaving the industry than joining it, the Road Haulage Association says we are currently facing a driver shortage of around 60,000, with another 40,000 due to be shed this year.

With drivers citing grievances such as bad rates of pay, long hours, poor conditions, long periods away from home, and generally just being seen and treated as second-rate citizens, it’s no wonder the haulage industry is struggling to attract new talent. With the UK economy so reliant on the movement of goods by road, this is a serious issue that could have catastrophic effects if something isn’t done to address it.

What steps is the Government and the haulage industry taking to attract young drivers?

The key is to bring new drivers into the industry, but the negative stigma attached to a career in haulage and the cost of obtaining and keeping your LGV licence puts a lot of young drivers off.

Last year the Freight Transport Association introduced the Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme, which uses Government funding to help young drivers aged 23 or below to obtain their licence and begin their career. Members of the FTA can apply for this funding, which up until April 2017 will be fully funded without an employer contribution. After April 2017, only the smallest operators will receive fully funded training. The FTA are also running campaigns in partnership with the Department of Education to raise the profile of the logistics industry with young people.

How does Savanna help?

Savanna is a specialist driver recruitment partner that supplies temporary and permanent drivers to transport businesses throughout the UK. Through our Family Scheme, we aim to nurture our drivers by offering preferential rates of pay, regular work and discounted training (including the CPC).

If you hold a Class 1 of 2 licence and would like to find out how Savanna can help you, call us today on 0330 335 8367 or email info@mysavanna.com.