Who are the DVSA and What Do They Do?

The DVSA is the result of the merger between the DSA (Driver Standards Agency) and VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) and is responsible for setting, testing and enforcing driver and vehicle standards in Great Britain.

To get a better understanding, it’s important to know what the DSA and VOSA were responsible for….

The DSA improved road safety in Great Britain, by setting standards for driving and motorcycling, as well as educating and training drivers and riders, and carrying out driving and riding tests.

VOSA provided a range of licensing, testing and enforcement services to improve the roadworthiness standards of vehicles, ensure the compliance of operators and drivers with road traffic legislation, and support the independent Traffic Commissioners.

The DVSA was formally launched in 2014, bringing these two agencies together to provide a more efficient customer service to motorists and commercial operators. The DVSA has a broad range of responsibilities, including processing applications for licences to operate lorries and buses, operating testing schemes for all vehicles, and enforcing the law on vehicles to ensure that they comply with legal standards and regulations.

The agency also enforces drivers’ hours and licensing requirements, provides training and advice for commercial operators, investigates vehicle accidents, defects and recalls, and runs tests for instructors of large goods vehicles, as well as driver trainers.