The Benefits of Using Temporary Drivers

Temporary workers are now relied upon by almost every industry, from highly skilled medical professionals in hospitals, to seasonal workers in the tourism sector. The haulage and logistics industry in particular lends itself well to temporary work, and as a specialist in permanent and temporary driver recruitment, Savanna see a constant demand for experienced and qualified temporary LGV (HGV) drivers, often required at short notice.

Why Use Temporary Drivers?

Here’s 7 good reasons…

  1. Last-minute requirements – there’s a full load that simply has to go today and a driver has called in sick. Temporary drivers fill sudden gaps in your workforce, meaning your business can continue to function, even when the unexpected happens.
  2. Temporary gaps – you have an employee taking a short leave of absence, but their work needs to be covered. You can’t employ someone permanent for the position, but a temp will relieve the pressure from other members of staff.
  3. Cost savings – in addition to the cost of advertising a position, and the time associated with recruitment, there are many employer costs that don’t apply to temporary workers – e.g., sick pay, pensions, employee benefits etc.
  4. Responsibility – if you hire temporary drivers through an agency such as Savanna, we become the driver’s employer not you, so we bear the responsibility of screening, hiring, payroll, timesheets and sourcing a replacement in the event of an unexpected absence.
  5. Try before you buy – many of our drivers end up in permanent positions as a result of working for a company on a temporary basis. By employing a temporary driver from an agency, you can establish first-hand whether they’re up to the job and going to be right for your business.
  6. Flexibility – often the haulage industry can be affected by fluctuations in workload, whether that’s during peak seasons, or from unexpected customer demands. Temporary drivers allow your business to be more flexible, responding easily and quickly to the benefit of your customers.
  7. Building relationships – when you find an agency that is accommodating to your needs, and that provides experienced and trusted drivers you can rely on, you may want to work with them exclusively. Having a good relationship with your temporary driver provider can benefit your company’s productivity and reputation.

If your business would benefit from temporary drivers, why not contact Savanna? We have a bank of qualified and experienced Class 1 and Class 2 drivers, ready to meet your business needs. For temporary drivers, call Savanna on: 0330 335 8367.