Driver CPC for Career Progression

What’s your view of the Driver CPC? As a provider of CPC driver training, we often encounter negativity from those who see it (and the 35 hours of mandatory annual training it comprises) as an example of inconvenient, unnecessary and costly bureaucratic red tape which must be complied with to earn a living as a professional LGV driver.

But is it possible that in the drive to stress the important legal requirements associated with CPC, a message was lost in translation?

Will Smith, Managing Director at Savanna Staff Solutions, believes so: “Many drivers make the mistake of enrolling on any CPC course, just to get it done, with some completing the same course numerous times. However, with the right advice and choice of course, the Driver CPC is not just a way of maintaining a qualification you already have – it can be used as a way of learning new skills and driving your career in the transport sector to the next level”.

If you look at the syllabus closely, you’ll find lots of topics which will provide you with key skills that can be transferred to other roles within the industry, including customer relations, understanding contracts for the carriage of goods, learning and understanding legislation, and economic influences affecting the road haulage industry. These are all areas that are covered by the current CPC syllabus, with new modules planned which will focus on the skills drivers require to become supervisors, team leaders and managers.

Will’s message to drivers and employers is simple – “Look at the Driver CPC as a way of developing valuable new skills, not just a means of ticking a box!”

For further advice on the Driver CPC and how it could benefit your career, contact Savanna Staff Solutions on 0330 335 8367 or register here. We’ll happily look at your requirements and advise you on a course best suited to your needs. Follow the link for a list of Future CPC Course Dates