What is National Lorry Week, and why we’re encouraging our people to #LoveTheLorry

What is National Lorry Week?

National Lorry Week 2019 marked the fifth annual event hosted by the Road Haulage Association to promote employment within the haulage industry. The aim of the event was to spread awareness of career opportunities within the haulage industry, the UK’s fifth largest employer, and to encourage the next generation to see haulage as an exciting change of career option.

Why is the haulage industry so important?

In 2018, GB registered HGVs transported 1.45 billion tonnes of goods to warehouses, businesses, distribution centres and stores throughout the UK.  It is through the extensive road haulage network that shops are stocked, raw materials are shipped, and finished goods are delivered.

To demonstrate this, consider food and agricultural products.  98% are delivered via road transport, and without this distribution network, the UK food industry upon which we all rely would be crippled. 

What’s more, the haulage industry employs a total of 2.54 million people, providing extensive training and employment opportunities for people of all ages, in addition to an important source of income for the UK economy.

Here at Savanna we offer excellent career progression and competitive rates of pay for our drivers and are proud that our Savanna team are part of the 2.54m people employed in the haulage and logistics industry. We place drivers into work every week and are always delighted to show people how great working as a driver or in haulage can be.

With Brexit on the horizon and so many of our drivers hailing from the EU, it’s important for us at Savanna to inspire and secure the next generation of HGV drivers, in addition to rewarding our drivers’ loyalty and commitment via the MySavanna Family Programme.  National Lorry Week helps the public understand how important our drivers are in a £124bn industry.

How can I get involved?

If you are proud to work within the haulage industry, use the hashtag #LoveTheLorry on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word!

Savanna Staff Solutions is a specialist driver recruitment and training provider based in Uxbridge, providing professional, experienced HGV drivers throughout London and the South East. If you would like to become one of our drivers, register here or call us on 0330 335 8367. We offer clear career progression for drivers where they can learn new skills, increase their earning potential and develop their career.

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